Warplanes Have Effectively Bombed South Sudan - UN Confirm

Published on Wednesday 15th December 2010

A UN investigation team confirmed Monday that warplanes from the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) had carried out attacks against some locations in Southern Sudan near the joint border this month.

UNMIS military talk with local officials after inspecting alleged bombing near Kiir Adem bridge, on November 24, 2010 (ST)

"After verification, it was established by the CJMC members that air attack took place in the vicinity of Timsaha in Western Bahr al-Ghazal and no casualties have been reported," said UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) spokesperson, Kouider Zerrouk.

Southern Sudan said last month that SAF representatives in the ceasefire monitoring body (Ceasefire Joint Military Committee) which is chaired by UN military admitted a previous bombing in the area on 14 November saying the incident accrued during a hunt of Darfur rebels.

Southern Sudan minister of information, Barnaba Marial Benjamin Bil, on 7 December accused SAF of working to undermine the referenda on self-determination by carrying out air attacks in Southern Sudan.

Khartoum accuses the semi-autonomous region of supporting Darfur rebels. Sudanese officials and pro-ruling National Congress Party (NCP) press accuse on daily basis Juba of harboring and supporting Western Sudan insurgents.

But Southern Sudan officials deny the accusations and say the bombing means also to increase tension in the area and to stop the process of a referendum that is expected to lead Southerners to the independence.



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