General Konate Bids Farewell to Guinean army

Published on Sunday 19th December 2010

Guinea's interim military leader General Sekouba Konate has officially taken leave of the country's army during a ceremony at military barracks in Conakry on Thursday evening.

Speaking at the ceremony, he said: "I am taking leave of the army after fulfilling our promise to organize a democratic election as we have done."

He added: "We have done what was expected of us to give free rein to the citizens of this country to select a civilian leader after 26 years of military leadership in this country."

"I would have taken leave a bit later but I have to go and attend to my health," he said.

The event, which took place at the Camp Boiro barracks, was transmitted by local radio stations and the national television Radio Tele Guineene.

Gen Konate further said he had cut short his treatment in Morocco to come and attend the inauguration ceremony of the president-elect, Prof Alpha Conde, but it has been moved to a later date.

Undergoing treatment

Gen Konate returned to Conakry on December 12 from Morocco, where he is undergoing treatment, to attend the swearing-in ceremony.

Following the death of President General Lansana Conte in December 2008, Gen Konate was named as Defence minister by the junta leader, Captain Moussa Dadis Camara.

Gen Konate finally took over the reins of power after Capt Camara narrowly survived an assassination attempt following a protracted stalemate over his intention to run for presidency in spite of an earlier promise to the contrary.



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