Former Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi to Face Charges

Published on Monday 25th January 2010 Former Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi to Face Charges

An official speaking for Somalia's Attorney General Office says a case against former Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi will be the first one, in series that face prominent persons, expected to be presented before the high court in the coming days.

Ali Yare says Gedi has committed crimes against the state in his premier tenure and its their responsibility to held him and others accountable.

"We are going to present to the high court every crime committed against the state and our first case will be the former PM Prof. Ali Mohammed Gedi who committed crimes against the Somali public while in office," said the official.

This comes as the country's judiciary high commission holds its first meeting since the appointment of new Chief Justice Mohammed Omar Farah (Indho Buur) in the capital Mogadishu.

The meeting was discussed on how best the high court will conduct its business.

"The judiciary high commission was formed outside the country and today's was to discuss how to start the court sessions," said Indo Buur, adding that the court will be independent and carry its operations based on justice.

Indho Buur, who was appointed to the office through an official gazette from the presidential Palace Villa Somalia last year, announced that the commission will conduct a weekly review on the court operations.

The case against PM is expected to attract much attention after reports of disagreement between him and President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed emerged recently but was later settled through diplomatic ways.


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