West African Examination Council (WAEC) Launches Online Service

Published on Sunday 18th July 2010

The West African Examination Council (WAEC) has launched new online services aimed at helping thousands of private candidates in the country register for the examination.

An online service program aimed at affording thousands of re-sitters (private candidates) the opportunity to register for WEAC Examinations in their counties of origin has been officially launched.

At the council's offices yesterday, July 15, 2010, several high profiled personalities including government officials, heads of the Teachers and Principal Associations, as well as high ranking officials of WAEC were at the launching.

In his welcome statement, Prof. Thomas K. Gaie, head of National Office WAEC- Liberia, thanked the invitees for honoring the council's invitation, and narrated that the invitation was based on a new Internet Technology Communication (ITC) that the council has launched in order to help thousands of re-sitters who may want to register for the examination.

"Mrs. Yah Z. Kailair, representative of the Minister of Education, other officials of government here present, representative of WAEC, members of the press, distinguished ladies and gentlemen. We respectfully invite you today to inform you about another introduction of the ITC Service to be provided by the West African Examination Council (WAEC)-Liberia, to our candidates and stakeholders in education" he said.

Mr. Gaie said the launch of the program was in fulfillment of a promise that the National office of WAEC-Liberia made to launch an online information service that would help thousand of private candidates in the country who are living in far places and cannot afford transportation to come to Monrovia.

"We also promised that WAEC would provide another service in the course of the year. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, six months later, WAEC is fulfilling that promised today, July 15, 2010 by introducing the Online Registration for private candidates' examinations" he told the audience.

He said on January 29, 2010, WAEC launched an online information Service. The services that are being provided from that date up to now, he added, include WAEC Website, (www.liberiawaec.orG), Online Results Checker and Online Results Clarification.

For all examinations conducted by WAEC-Liberia, the council's boss noted, include those results that were savaged by massive looting as a consequence of the brutal civil war, and then went on to name other services that are currently being provided by the online service.

"The results currently on the internet are Liberia Primary School Certificate Examination from 2005 - 2009, the Liberia Junior High School Certification from 2003 - 2009, the Liberia Senior High School Certificate Examination from 1997-2009, the Liberia Private Candidates Certificate Examination, commonly known as re-sitters examination from 1998-2009" he revealed.

He said all the initiatives were intended to provide quality and real term services to the stakeholders in education and employers of labor. Narrating further, Mr. Gaie informed stakeholders and employers of labor that they can now access the results of candidates with the approval of candidates to validate their results by means of results verification using real term. In this case, he added, the candidate will provide the information needed to access his or her results.

With these information and clarification provided by the WAEC boss, he then proceeded with procedures in which a candidate can use to attract the online registration " the Scratch Cards that will be used to access the online registration will attract the following fees: All those wishing to register one -five subjects will pay LD1800.00 (One Thousand Eight Hundred Liberian Dollars), six- nine subjects, LD2200.00(Two Thousand Two Hundred Liberian Dollars) and for late registration, LD1000.00( One Thousand Liberian Dollars)" he illustrated.

He said the cards will also be used for results checker, results verification, including the examination fees. He also revealed that the national office of WAEC-Liberia was working with DOLBIB to develop solution programs for school-based candidates which is known as Batch Registration (BR). He said the BR will be done online, while persons programs are being monitored and evaluated.

Mr. Gaie then encouraged students to be computer literate and take advantage of the opportunity provided by WAEC Online Service. "We are encouraging all students to be computer literate as for preparation to use these services conveniently in particular and for use in the global village in general. There is no turning back on ITC Developments and application at the Liberia National Office of WAEC. Once there is a will, there will be way so, get on board" he declared.

Finally, Mr. Gaie said he was pleased to invite all texture institutions, embassies and employers of labor to take advantage of the online results verification for all examinations conducted by the council in Liberia, and vowed that WAEC will not continuously lack behind in terms of the modernization of institutions in order to enhance their effectiveness and meet emerging challenges.

"An educator once said and I quote: the unprecedented global challenges facing the world must be marked by unprecedented global solutions on quote. Therefore, we hope that the introduction of the ITC in the operation of WAEC-Liberia, will pave the way for the Liberian school system to adapt to relevant curriculum that will respond to the education needs of the Liberian children and the global village at large."

For her part, Mrs. Yah Z. Kailair, speaking on behalf of the Minister of Education E. Othello Gongar, thanked WAEC for all the efforts and sacrifices made in bringing quality services to Liberian students. She noted that the new imitative will go a long way in enhancing the educational system of Liberia. In her overall observation, madam Kailair illustrated, development has been taking stages in the process, and urged students to take advantage of what WAEC is doing in the country.

"What I have observed is that development is taking place at various stages. It is a very good thing so that our students around the country can take advantage of what WAEC is doing" she said.

She said further that WAEC intension is to see students utilize the computer so as to have access to their results and to be able to register online no matter whatever part of the county an individual student was located. She said the service is very helpful for students living in rural areas and cannot afford transportation to register in Monrovia and as such, it was prudent that they take advantage of the online service, and officially declared the launching of the Online Service.

Also speaking at the occasion was the MD and CEO of DOLBIB Integrated Service Limited, West Africa, and Kehinde Akinsanya. Mr. Akinsanya for his part, extended profound gratitude to the offices of the registration of WAEC-Liberia for granting him the opportunity to render the service, and promised that his organization will always give WAEC-Liberia their best, and will make sure that the program goes on as planned.




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