Earth Tremor Hits Western Kenya

Published on Monday 14th June 2010

n earth tremor that lasted for seconds and which occurred at around 3pm hit western Kenya threw the residents into shock and panic.

In Kisumu town, people fled from buildings to areas that they considered secure.

"The building that I was in started to shake and I had to flee for my safety," said Mr Apollo Apollo, a Kisumu resident.

"This event is clear evidence that Kenyans are not aware of what to do in such circumstances," he added.

The people inside the building rushed towards the exit, with those upstairs running towards the staircase.

Soccer fans watching Algeria Vs Slovenia World cup match also had to flee for their dear lives from different joints.

However, no damages were yet to be reported at the time with Kisumu east district commissioner Mabeya Mogaka saying that no damage had been reported.

But one Fred Okwengu claimed that his house had witnessed some cracks due to the earth tremor at Kisiani.

In Busia, the earth tremor was felt and lasted for several seconds.

Ms Valentine Mirao said that she felt her house shaking and had to flee to an open ground.

In Kakamega residents were sent into panic after the tremor occurred.

The tremor lasting seconds was accompanied by a loud rumble at about 3.15 pm

People who called the Nation from different parts of western province reported that they noticed furniture shaking and some said they were jolted in their seats during the incident.

In Kakamega town, patrons gathered in bars and other social spots to follow the world cup match between Algeria and Slovania jumped from their sets and ran in different directions unaware of what was happening

The provincial police officer Mr Kingori Mwangi told the Nation he was forced to run out of the house as the shaking intensified. It could not be established immediately whether the tremor had caused damaged to property

Mr Kimani Andole, a resident of Shinyalu in Kakamega district said he was relaxing in his house watching the World Cup match when he heard the loud bang and felt the earth shaking.


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