Hizbul Islam Official Killed in Mogadishu 's Bakara Market

Published on Thursday 11th March 2010

A Hizbul Islam official called Bare Ali Bare was on Tuesday gunned down by unknown assailants in Mogadishu 's Bakara Market, a stronghold for Somali rebel fighters.

According to witnesses who spoke to Garowe Online, the official was killed by four gunmen armed with pistol inside the market, which populated by people at the time.

The slain official was a close associate of Hizbul Islam's leader Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys and he publicly opposed the decision by the group's ex-former second in command Sheikh Hassan Abdullahi Al Turki to join Al-Shabaab.

Confirming the death of Bare, Hizbul Islam's spokesman said investigation is underway and the suspects will face justice.

"Bare Ali Bare, a Hizbul Islam official was today killed in Bakara. We have launched investigations into the incident and we will present the suspects before the media once we arrest them,"said Sheikh Mohammed Ma'alin Ali.

No group has claimed responsibility for the killing of Bare, who on February also survived an attempt into his life by yet unknown people.

"Sheikh Hassan Turki and his associates who joined Al-Shabaab do not represent Hizbul Islam or Ras Kamboni," said the slain official in reaction to Turki's defection.

Top Hizbul Islam official are said to be thinking of options as most of them including one who spoke with GO on condition of anonymity believe that Bare was killed in revenge to the recent death of two Al-Shabaab fighters.

The latest development further deepens the bloody war between the two groups, who are jointly involved in the fight against the UN-backed government and African Union troops.


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