12 Million Voters Enroll for Referendum Vote in Kenya

Published on Saturday 8th May 2010

In a rush to beat the deadline, an addition 1.7 million Kenyans had enrolled as voters by Wednesday, the last day of registration before the period was extended.

The Interim Independent Electoral Commission announced on Friday that it had registered 11,771,068 people with two days to the new Sunday deadline.

Statistics released by the electoral body show that Nairobi leads with 1,114,189 people enrolled as voters with North Rift region following at 1,049,299.

The numbers in Thika Region has risen to 1,045,864 up from 854,458 registered by April 30.

The data shows that 976,456 people have registered in the Lower Eastern region while the Central Rift has seen 903,778 people enrol.

The South Rift, which is the only region that has registered more than 100 per cent of the 2007 enrolment, now has 900,975 voters.


Nyanza Central Region has seen 823,499 people registered while Central Eastern has 822,085 voters.

The Nyanza South region has registered 811,227 people, Nyeri region has 793,684 voters while Kakamega region has enrolled 718,129.

Mombasa Region has 606,532 voters, Bungoma has 602,372 while the Malindi region has seen 288,334 people on the roll.

The Wajir-Mandera region now has 143,203, the Upper Eastern region has 112,445 while Garissa- Ijara region has 58,997.

Eligible Kenyans have Saturday and Sunday to register as voters in order to participate in the upcoming referendum on a new constitution.Only registered voters will participate in the referendum.

The IIEC has advised that voters can register anywhere and transfer to the stations from where they want to vote during the 2012 elections after the referendum.

With Attorney General Amos Wako having published the proposed law on Thursday, Kenyans will go to the referendum by August 6.

The IIEC will, by May 12 publish the referendum question and by May 26, announce the date of the referendum.



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