Somali Parliament Approves New Prime Minister

Published on Monday 1st November 2010 Somali Parliament Approves New Prime Minister

Somalia's parliament has approved the appointment of Mohamed Abdullahii Mohamed as the country's new prime minister.

Lawmakers voted by 297 to 92 in favour of the president's nominee, who is a US-educated former diplomat from the Somali diaspora.

President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and his speaker of the parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, have been at loggerheads recently over delays to approving the new prime minister.

Mohamed, who is also known as Farmajo, was nominated on 14 October by the president, but a vote on his nomination was delayed several times because of a disagreement over procedure. The president wanted lawmakers to vote by a show of hands, while the speaker preferred a secret ballot.

After Mohamed's acceptance, MPs said they hoped the new prime minister could encourage reconciliation and create unity in Somalia.

One said that he expects the new prime minister to appoint a smaller team of qualified figures to his cabinet.

The appointment of Mohamed, who hails from the Darod clan-family like his predecessor Mr. Sharmake, was widely welcomed.

Many people in the country describe him as an honest man who should bring about positive changes.

He is considered as someone who could potentially bridge the gap between the various groups currently competing for influence in Somalia, as he was based abroad and thus not tied to local politics.


his enomination

It's small step forward to get this going on the right direction, and i hope he succeeds, but it's also over due procedure, one should think where we stand in live today. I hope you take your job very seriously over everything that faces you. congratulation

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