Somali Parliament Approves Cabinet

Published on Saturday 27th November 2010

Somalia's parliament has approved the cabinet proposed by the new prime minister, after a prior attempt to endorse the ministers descended into chaos.Parliament speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden said 251 lawmakers voted in favor of the Cabinet in a parliamentary session Saturday, and 92 voted against it. On Monday, a fight broke out on the floor of Somalia's parliament, as lawmakers argued about whether a vote to approve the new cabinet should be held by secret ballot. The speaker said he favored a secret ballot, prompting an outcry from parliamentarians who said the vote should be conducted by a show of hands. Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed nominated the cabinet earlier this month.  The transitional Somali government has been plagued by infighting for years. The turmoil has hampered efforts to fight Islamist insurgents who want to turn Somalia into a strict Islamic state.Mr. Mohamed replaced Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmake, who resigned in September after feuding with President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed about a new constitution.
Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.



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