Islamist Fighters Clash, Killing 5 at Bakara Market in the Somali capital Mogadishu

Published on Monday 18th October 2010

A bitter clash between Al-shabab and Hizbul Islam fighters broke out at Bakara market in the Somali capital Mogadishu, killing 5 of warriors injuring more others, witnesses told Shabelle radio on Sunday.

Reports say that the fighting started as Hizbul Islam fighters attacked a court belonging to Al-shabab fighters in the market and both sides killed 5 including civilians and warriors as their war continued.

Both sides taxation money taken from bus-stations of civilians' vehicles traveling to regions of Somalia

The movement of the market was halted for a while shortly as the gunfire spread further into different sections of the market according to the businessmen adding that the clash was ceased as officials from both sides started mediating them.

Sheik Moktar Robow Ali (Abu Mansour), top leader of Al-shabab and Abdikadir Commando, another official of Hizbul Islam forces had interrupted both the warring fighter who lastly achieved to separate their forces in the market.

There had been tense between Al-shabab and Hizbul Islam forces at Bakara market for over the past days due to disagreement over the taxation money they often take form the civilian vehicles at the bus-stops of the market in Mogadishu.


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