Nigeria: Some Will Vote, Some May Wait

Published on Thursday 7th April 2011

Nigerian senate elections that were postponed April 2nd could be postpone again, at least in part.
INEC, the Independent National Electoral Commission, is proposing that some states hold their senate elections Saturday as planned after the postponement, while others wait.
INEC says those states that actually started voting prior to the postponement announcement should now delay their vote until after both the presidential and gubernatorial elections. It says ballots from the interrupted voting could be tampered with, so it’s best to wait and start anew later.
The delay was blamed on the late arrival of important election materials known as result sheets.
Meanwhile, those states where voters did not cast ballots before the announcement would hold Senate elections this Saturday.
Some opposition parties are criticizing the move, saying it goes against official election plans.
VOA reporter Chinedu Offor is on assignment in Abuja following developments. He explains the situation in an interview with Joe De Capua. Click below to listen.



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