France: NATO Not Doing Enough in Libya

Published on Tuesday 12th April 2011

France has criticized NATO for failing to do enough to protect civilians in Libya.French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe told French radio that NATO must fully play its role and do more to destroy Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi's heavy weaponry.Juppe said he would raise the matter during a meeting of EU foreign ministers Tuesday and with NATO ministers later in the week.NATO war planes began airstrikes last month after the United Nations passed a resolution authorizing a "no-fly" zone over Libya in an effort to protect civilians under attack by Gadhafi's forces.Despite the airstrikes fighting continues on two fronts between rebels and pro-Gadhafi forces. On Monday, Libya's rebel interim government rejected a cease-fire plan proposed by the African Union, calling the option "outdated" because it does not meet their basic demand that Gadhafi and his sons leave power - and the country - immediately.African Union officials said that in addition to an immediate cease-fire, the proposal calls for talks between rebels and the government, protection of foreign nationals in Libya and humanitarian assistance to civilians. They said the plan had been accepted by Gadhafi.



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