Ivory Coast's Ouattara to Be Inaugurated May 21

Published on Thursday 28th April 2011

New Ivory Coast President Alassane Ouattara says he will be formally inaugurated May 21 in the country's official capital, Yamoussoukro.Ouattara took power April 11 after four months of fighting between his supporters and those of Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to leave office after last November's presidential election.The United Nations certified results showing Mr. Ouattara as the winner of that poll. Ouattara held a brief swearing-in last December while blockaded in a hotel by pro-Gbagbo troops.The Ouattara government is now trying to re-establish security and normalcy around the country.  Some banks reopened Thursday, after being closed for weeks.In New York, the United Nations Security Council extended sanctions against Ivory Coast for one year, including an arms embargo.   On Wednesday, a militia leader who helped drive Gbagbo from power was killed in fighting with the pro-Ouattara Republican Forces.  Ibrahim Coulibaly died after the Republic Forces attacked his militia in the main city of Abidjan.  Coulibaly had been a longtime rival of Ouattara's prime minister, Guillame Soro.Earlier, Ouattara's government said it was launching a criminal investigation of former president Gbagbo, his wife, and a number of their associates.  A spokesman did not say what specific charges they are facing.Laurent Gbagbo and his wife remain in the government's custody.Both pro-Gbagbo and pro-Ouattara forces have been accused of killing and raping civilians during the post-election violence. Ouattara has vowed to hold accountable all of those who committed crimes during the unrest.The United Nations says hundreds of people were killed in the post-election clashes, and more than 1 million were displaced from their homes.


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