Tunisian Ministers Quit Ruling Party

Published on Thursday 20th January 2011

Tunisian state television reports that ministers from Tunisia's interim government have resigned from the ruling party of the ousted former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.The move comes days after four opposition ministers quit the interim Cabinet in protest of the ruling party's continued influence in politics. On Monday, Prime Minster Mohamed Ghannouci announced a coalition government that retained the ministers of defense, interior, foreign affairs and finance from the previous Cabinet.The new government was expected to hold its first Cabinet meeting Thursday. On Wednesday, hundreds of demonstrators rallied in the capital, Tunis, calling for the elimination of any ties to the old ruling party. In their efforts to complete a "break with the past," Tunisia's interim leadership has freed the country's remaining political prisoners and moved to track down assets stashed overseas by the deposed president and his family.State television reported that 33 of Mr. Ben Ali's extended family had been arrested while trying to flee the country. Images of seized gold and jewelry were shown.



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