Gadhafi Role Blocking African Union Resolution on Libya

Published on Friday 1st July 2011

African leaders working on a roadmap to end Libya's conflict are stuck on the question of the future of Moammar Gadhafi. The leaders of South Africa, Mauritania, Uganda, Mali, and the Republic of Congo are at the African Union summit in Equatorial Guinea drafting a roadmap for Libya that calls for a cease-fire ahead of a transition to democratic elections and legal reforms.  Representatives of the Gadhafi government at the talks appear to accept that plan. But rebels from the Transitional National Council do not because it does not include demands that the Libyan leader resign immediately.Council representative Mansour Safy Al-Nasr told reporters at the summit outside Malabo that Libyan rebels are advancing and will not retreat until Colonel Gadhafi gives up power. African Union leaders have criticized International Criminal Court arrest warrants against the Libyan leader, his son, and the nation's intelligence chief for atrocities allegedly committed during a crackdown on opponents. They have also been critical of NATO airstrikes against the government in Tripoli, saying there should be an “African solution” to the conflict.Egyptian Foreign Minister Mohamed Elorabi says rebel demands that Gadhafi resign is a question for Libyans to decide, not the African Union.The annual summit of the 53-nation alliance closes Friday.


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