NATO Forces Resume Air Strikes in Libya

Published on Sunday 5th June 2011

British NATO forces resumed airstrikes on Libya's capital, Tripoli, Sunday continuing the effort to pressure Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi from more than four decades of rule.The airstrikes on military barracks were a follow up to Saturday's air attacks on Tripoli. NATO said that it had, for the first time, sent attack helicopters on low-altitude missions against military installations. NATO said Saturday that its airstrikes had destroyed about 20 targets, including a radar site and an armed checkpoint. Alliance officials said British Apache and French Tiger and Gazelle helicopters carried out the assaults. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Ivanov said Sunday the helicopter attacks may be leading to a ground operation.Russia is sending a special presidential representative, Mikhail Margelov, to Benghazi, to meet with the rebel leaders.

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