Libya Says NATO Strike Kills Civilians in Tripoli

Published on Sunday 19th June 2011

Libyan officials say NATO bombed a residential neighborhood in the capital Sunday, killing at least five civilians, including children.Journalists were taken to the Arada district of Tripoli where rescue operations were under way at a destroyed building. Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim accused NATO of "intentional and deliberate targeting of civilian houses."  He said the attack was indicative of "the brutality of the West."Journalists were taken to a hospital where they were shown several bodies, including two young children, whom officials say died in the air strike. There was no immediate word from NATO on the deadly incident, which has not been independently verified.  NATO has admitted it accidentally hit Libyan rebels in an airstrike two days ago.  The alliance said Saturday its forces saw a column of military vehicles in an area of conflict between rebels and Libyan forces and attacked it. The convoy was later confirmed to be an opposition patrol.  NATO gave no figures on casualties but said it "regrets any possible loss of life or injuries.''The coalition has also called Libyan government claims that alliance airstrikes are targeting civilians "outrageous."  Spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said Saturday it is Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and his forces who have been "systematically and brutally attacking" Libyan people.



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