Obama Administration Defends Involvement in Libya

Published on Sunday 27th March 2011

Leading members of President Obama's administration are defending U.S. involvement in Libya, saying the U.S. acted to halt a humanitarian crisis and guard against destabilizing Egypt and Tunisia.Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Defense Secretary Robert Gates appeared on several U.S. talk shows Sunday to defend the administration's decision to lead the coalition enforcing a no-fly zone on Libya. Critics and members of the political opposition have said the president should not have taken the decision without consulting Congress. But Clinton and Gates both stressed that the coalition's actions headed off a slaughter of people who oppose Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, noting that he threatened to go door-to-door to retaliate against those who opposed him.Both also noted that more violence in Libya could threaten the fledgling revolutions taking place in Egypt and Tunisia, which border Libya.
Gates said Libya's uprising was "not a vital national interest" to the U.S., but said the impact on the region warrants involvement.President Obama is scheduled to address the U.S. on Monday to explain his decision to act in Libya.


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