Pro-Gadhafi Supporters Rally in Libyan Capital

Published on Thursday 19th May 2011

Supporters of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi rallied in Tripoli on Thursday, apparently in response to state news reports that his forces were regaining control of rebel-held Benghazi. About 100 people chanted pro-Gadhafi slogans and honked car horns, although there were no independent reports of rebels losing their grip on the eastern city.Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports concerning the whereabouts of Gadhafi's wife and daughter.  On Wednesday, Western news organizations quoted Tunisian security sources as saying the two had crossed into Tunisia.  However, late Wednesday, Libyan deputy foreign minister Khaled Kaim said the stories were false.  He also denied reports that Oil Minister Shukri Ghanem had defected to Tunisia.  He said the minister was in Vienna on business.   Also Wednesday, International Criminal Court prosecutors warned Libyan officials they could face investigation and prosecution for attempting to cover up crimes committed by Libyan forces in their crackdown against the rebels.
Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.


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