Sudanese Envoys Meet on Abyei Crisis in Addis Ababa

Published on Saturday 28th May 2011

Envoys from north and south Sudan are set to meet at African Union headquarters Saturday to discuss the Abyei region that was seized by northern forces a week ago, sparking a humanitarian crisis.The talks in Addis Abbas, Ethiopia, come one day after a southern Sudan official said 80,000 people have fled Abyei.  United Nations officials say tens of thousands of people are living out in the open, with little food or fuel.The U.S. Special Envoy for Sudan, Princeton Lyman, is heading to Qatar and then Sudan to discuss the Abyei situation.  He is expected to urge Sudanese officials to settle unresolved north-south issues before the south declares independence on July 19.Earlier this week, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called on the African Union to stress to both sides a military showdown over Abyei is not an option.The two sides have been at odds over the future of Abyei, an oil-rich region located on the north-south border.Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir has said the north-south border region will remain in northern hands.



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