South Africa's Zuma Set to Broker Libya Cease-Fire Talks

Published on Monday 30th May 2011

South African President Jacob Zuma is set to arrive in Libya Monday to try to broker a cease-fire agreement between forces of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and rebels calling for him to leave power.Zuma is traveling to the capital, Tripoli, on behalf of the African Union for his second trip to Libya since the conflict began.The visit comes a day after Britain's defense minister said London is adding "bunker-busting" bombs to the arsenal of British warplanes involved in the NATO campaign against Gadhafi's government.Liam Fox said Sunday the bombs have arrived at the Italian air base from where British aircraft fly missions over Libya.  He says NATO warplanes will not try to hit  Gadhafi or his aides directly, but will send them what he called "increasingly loud messages."NATO forces have carried out almost two months of airstrikes under a U.N. Security Council mandate to protect civilians from attacks.Two French lawyers say they are preparing to begin a legal case on behalf of families who say they were victims of NATO bombings.  Roland Dumas and Jacques Verges announced their plans at a news conference Sunday in Tripoli.NATO says it strikes only military targets.Libyan rebels launched an uprising in March against Gadhafi's 42-year autocratic rule, seizing control of the country's east and parts of the west.  Gadhafi's forces have attacked civilian population centers to try to crush the uprising.  He denies targeting civilians and says his forces are trying to contain criminal gangs and al-Qaida militants.The rebels say Gadhafi must leave power as a condition for a truce, but the Libyan leader has refused to step down.
Some information for this report was provided by AFP and Reuters.



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