Media of Somalia

Somalia's disintegration is reflected in its media, which is undeveloped, fragmented and often partisan. Broadcasters and journalists operate in an atmosphere which is hostile to free expression, and often dangerous.

Journalists defy danger to serve their audiences. In spite of this, diverse and more professional media outlets have emerged in recent years - in particular, FM radio stations with no explicit factional links.

The TV and press sectors are weak and radio is the dominant medium. There are around 20 radio stations, but no national, domestic broadcaster. Many listeners tune to Somali-language media based abroad, in particular the BBC Somali service.

In secessionist Somaliland and Puntland the authorities maintain a tight hold on broadcasting.

The press

  • Qaran - Mogadishu
  • Xog-Ogaal - Mogadishu
  • Codka Xoriyadda - Mogadishu
  • Ayaamaha - Mogadishu
  • Jamhuuriya - Somaliland
  • Mandeeq - Somaliland
  • Somaliland Times - Somaliland, English-language weekly


  • Somali Telemedia Network (STN) - private, rebroadcasts Qatar-based Al-Jazeera TV and CNN
  • HornAfrik TV - private, rebroadcasts Al-Jazeera, CNN
  • Somaliland National TV (SLNTV) - owned by Somaliland government
  • Somali Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) - private, Puntland


  • Radio Mogadishu - FM station operated by transitional government, coverage limited to the capital
  • Radio HornAfrik - popular private FM station based in Mogadishu, rebroadcasts BBC
  • Radio Shabelle - private FM station in Mogadishu, Marka
  • Radio Banaadir - private, Mogadishu-based FM station
  • Holy Koran Radio - private, Mogadishu FM station
  • Radio Simba - private, Mogadishu
  • Radio Hargeisa - owned by Somaliland government, via FM and shortwave
  • Radio Galkayo - Puntland
  • Voice of Peace - Puntland
  • SBC Radio - private, Puntland
Last Updated on Friday 13th November 2009