Media of Sudan

Sudanese broadcasting is highly restricted. State-run radio and TV reflect government policy. Sudan TV has a permanent military censor to ensure that the news reflects official views.

The private press enjoys more freedom than state broadcasters.

There are no privately-owned TV stations apart from a cable service jointly owned by the government and private investors. Satellite dishes are a common sight in affluent areas and pan-Arab stations are popular among viewers.

State-run national radio networks broadcast news, music and cultural programmes. International broadcasters are also heard, including the BBC which is relayed on FM in Khartoum and other parts of the north, and in Juba in the south. Several opposition and clandestine stations broadcast to Sudan.

The private press enjoys a greater degree of freedom than the state broadcasters and offers a limited forum for opposition views, but the state retains and uses powers to influence what is published.

In the semi-autonomous south, the lack of infrastructure limits media operations. However, broadcasters and newspapers, some with foreign funding, are active. The region's president has said he wants to "create space for the media to enjoy freedom".

The press

  • Al-Ra'y al-Amm - private, mass-circulation
  • Al-Ayam - established daily
  • Khartoum Monitor - privately-owned, English-language
  • Al-Khartoum - privately-owned
  • Alwan - Khartoum daily
  • Al-Sahafah - daily
  • Al-Anba - government-owned
  • The Juba Post - private weekly in the south


  • Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SNBC) - government-run, operates two channels, also available via satellite
  • Juba TV - government-owned TV in the south


  • Sudan National Radio Corporation - government-run, national and regional networks in Arabic, English and other languages
  • Mango 96 FM - private, music-based Khartoum station
  • Miraya (Mirror) FM - operated by UN mission, broadcasts from southern capital of Juba
  • Radio Juba - government-owned radio in the south
  • Liberty FM - in Juba and Yei
  • Opposition and clandestine radios
  • Voice of Sudan - operated by opposition National Democratic Alliance (NDA), broadcasts on shortwave
  • Voice of Freedom and Renewal - operated by armed opposition group Sudan Alliance Forces, via shortwave

News agency/internet

  • Sudan News Agency (Suna) - in Arabic, English and French
  • Sudan Tribune - English-language news site, based in France.
Last Updated on Monday 4th August 2008